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Fraz Jamil   Was a tax associate with Price Waterhouse Coopers?

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!

Would you trust Fraz Jamil with your personal or corporate information after you read this?

Fraz Jamil was appointed by Fidelity Life Association as an agent to market life insurance.  Realizing how difficult it was to make a respectful living in this field, Fraz decided to be creative and follow through with what only a criminal mind could conceive.  In a mere 2 days, Fraz was paid $4,546.18 in commissions after submitting 4 fraudulent life insurance applications. 

Fraz electronically filed those applications on behalf of family members whose personal information was used in a fraudulent way.  Upon receipt of the applications the insurer issued the policies to each of the applicants.  Fidelity Life then discovered the checking account used to fund the monthly premiums was closed.  Each policy was marked not taken causing a demand letter to be sent to Fraz.

In most states, using a closed checking account to fund insurance policies would result in at least some type of investigation into money laundering, and / or commission fraud, but in the great state of Texas, Fraz is just a dead beat.  Collection proceedings were never pursued by Fidelity Life due to their ability to roll the debt to Fraz's up line.  

Fraz Jamil stole $4,546.18 simply by submitting applications using a closed checking account, cashing in on the advanced commissions and walking away like nothing happened, as if he found a loop hole exposing how insurance companies like Fidelity Life turn a blind eye on fraud.  

Makes you wonder how this got past the background checks at Price Waterhouse Coopers, doesn't it?

This statement shows the pending business related to the above demand letter: 

Fraz Jamil is shameless

Due to Fraz Jamils' misstatements and misdeeds, he now holds the distinction of being a dead beat who thinks he found a loop hole exposing how insurance companies like Fidelity Life turn a blind eye on fraud.  The Department of Insurance should censure renegade agents like Fraz Jamil and convict them as the felons which they are.   uhlcontracting@gmail.com